Want to know what you’re signing up for?  We will be sending a short video next week, where we help you get a better feel for the changes and what to expect. 

Until then… here is a brief overview of the 2 models that we are encouraging you to join us for: (but of course email or call me if you want to know more before deciding)


A FAMILY OF FAITH (FOF) – for students in Pre-K - Grade 6

Instead of parents dropping off kids on Wed nights for another classroom model of learning, this model brings families together in a dynamic atmosphere, empowering parents to be the primary example of faith to their children, and helping the whole family grow closer to God. 



  • You choose Wed night or Sun morning. 
  • The 1st Session (1st Wed/Sun of the month) is a parent meeting – to present the topic for the month at an adult level, to help equip parents with tools to bring faith formation into their home, and build community among parish families
  • The 2nd Session (3rd Wed/Sun of the month) is a community meeting – where the whole family comes and fosters friendships, shares what they’ve learned at home, & joins in community activities & fun


The VISION for A Family of Faith is strong Catholic families in which children learn the joys of following Jesus Christ and the truths of their Faith through the witness of Christian life given by their parents.


There is a 4 year cycle to go through all 4 pillars of the Church in 4 years.  This year we are diving into CHRISTIAN PRAYER. 

This volume focuses on Christian prayer, and why it is so essential for growing in relationship with God.  After exploring the covenant drama of prayer in Scripture, families learn the richness of the Our Father, the major expression of prayer, and the example of the Virgin Mary in conversations with God.  Throughout the whole year, families are equipped to put into practice all that they learn, forming a fruitful prayer life.  Families are given a new item each month to build up a home prayer table/shrine.

Website for A Family of Faith:

Video - Testimonies from families who have fallen in love with this approach to faith formation at a parish in Omaha that is having a lot of success with it:


YDisciple Small Groups – for students in Grades 6-12

Discipleship groups are groups of 4-8 teens that meet on a regular basis with adult mentors who lead them in conversation about their faith and how we live it out.  Groups are flexible, parent-partnered, Catholic and “the next level.”

Groups are encouraged to meet at times that work best for that specific group (any day, before or after school, evenings, etc.) and where they want.  Groups are encouraged to meet in comfortable environments such as homes and coffee shops.  They’re also encouraged to choose their own adult mentor… someone who they already know & see living out the faith in their life (we have some great people in mind too, if they need suggestions).

Solid catechetical content will be provided by YDisciple, a youth discipleship platform powered by NET Ministries.
This short video explains how transformational this model can be for our parish and for your teens:

Website for YDisciple:

FORMED has many of the videos that will be used to help with the teaching portion of the groups.  See many different studies your teen can choose from here:

​​​​​​​Catholic Communities of the Ashland Cluster​

AshlandDauby • Ino • Moquah • Odanah

Dear Families,

We are hoping this is the BEST YEAR YET for the faith growth of your family!  We are going to do everything in our power to make it just that and support you in your role as primary educators of the faith of your children. 

Our Church stands as a Beacon of HOPE in the world, and your family has such a crucial role in our community… to bring Christ to others and help faith outweigh any fear. 

If you have joined our Religious Formation program in the past, we are excited to have you back.

If you haven’t yet been part of our Formation program or have been on the fence… now is your time!  

We are confident that the models that we are implementing this year will take your family to a whole new level of bringing the faith into your home like never before. 

We have a variety of options for you this year, including in-person and virtual sessions. You get to pick what fits your family the best!

We are hoping to have everyone registered by Wed, Sep 16th, so that we can plan accordingly and so that we can start by Wed, Oct 7th. 

Please click the link below to register via Google Forms.  (It takes 5-8 min to fill out.)